Homeschooling for Challenged Learner
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    Default Homeschooling for Challenged Learner

    Hi there,
    I'm in CA and have 3 kids all currently enrolled in a private Catholic school. My middle child is 8 years old and in 2nd grade but he is struggling. The principal and teacher have now suggested that we find alternative education for him. He has Sensory Processing Disorder and so is very distracted and unfocused without someone constantly next to him. We are going to have him evaluated also for ADD and possible high funtioning Autism (maybe Aspergers). He can learn though and has a fantastic memory. He learns best with hands on stuff though and sitting behind a desk for too long just doesn't work for him.

    He definitely does better one on one and LOVES the computer. He is not very good socially and so I don't feel public school is right for him. We are considering perhaps teaching him at home for the academics and then having him still attend his current private school for things like religion, art, drama, music, PE, etc. They are very willing and I think he needs to keep that social connection (such as it is).

    My questions:
    - Is filing a PSA in CA easy? I think I'd prefer to set up my own school rather than work with the public school here. I am not a credentialed teacher but have a BA in Math and an MBA.
    - I think I need to have flexibility in the curriculum given my son's challenges. Would this curriculum work well for a child with ADD, high functioning autism and/or sensory disorder?
    - Any other suggestions or tips? I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now at having to readjust my expectations for my wonderful little guy


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    Hi cakesandkids! Have you checked out the CA state forum? You will most likely find answers to your homeschooling in CA questions there.

    As for T4L and kids with special needs, about 20% of our users are kids with learning challenges. My own daughter has ADHD, CAPD, dysgraphia, and is dyslexic. T4L works great for her, especially since it is geared toward visual spatial learners.
    Here are a few links that might help answer some of your questions:

    Asperger's and Time4Learning

    Autism Education

    ADHD Learners

    Learning Styles

    Sensory Processing Disorder and Time4Learning

    Visual Spatial Learners

    Right-Brained Learners

    Also, check out the special needs forum, too.

    I think your idea to have him learn at home in a one-on-one situation where he can move around is ideal. It is wonderful that your private school is still willing to have him attend art, drama, music, religion classes... Sounds like the best of both worlds.

    I would suggest you look for a good local homeschool support group and an active homeschool co-op group. They are so beneficial.

    Have you and your son tried any of the lesson demos? Actually, T4L offers a money back guarantee, so you can't lose. Actually, they have a special right now...pick a free gift. If you decide you want to try Time4Learning, here are a few links to help you navigate the site.

    Hints and Help

    Getting Started with Time4Learning

    How to Homeschool (a free e-book written by homeschoolers for new homeschooling families. It's comprehensive without being overwhelming.)

    Also, try a few of our sister sites:

    VocabularySpellingCity (free to use, but also has a premium membership, if you area interested)

    Vocabulary Fun (free)

    Learning Games for Kids (free)

    Best wishes, and keep us posted!

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    Hello Cakesandkids,

    I am curious what has been tried through your childs IEP. Have they tried giving him a ball for a chair or a 1 legged chair ( like a top). I am curious because Through my daughters IEP we were able to discuss what works at home and what was not working and the teachers and I worked with her as a team. It will be great that he will get to work on the computer. I have been having my daughter work on the computer and she has been signed up for T4L for two days. During that time I have had to clear tons of stuff away from the computer and get a different chair because she was spinning on it. Played with everything around the desk and once she was playing a game with her leg up in the air. She has played standing and squatting and is constantly fidgeting so much I actually have to leave the room because it bugs me. I am gonna look into a ball because I think bouncing would bug me less but we will see if that works or if it will roll away and become a distraction. It might be better if I try to find a top chair. No matter what you are gonna run into issues so you will need to get yourself a support system.

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