My 6yr daughter is an actress and will be on tour for the next 7 months so we need to pull her out of her kindergarten and start homeschool. This is making me so nervous!! They will have a tutor on tour with them but we need to provide the curriculum.
I am considering Time4 learning as it seems to be a combination of both online and physical worksheets, books but am concerned about how much we could get through if we do not have internet access in the location we are at. Also she has never really used a laptop before so that would be a learning curve and Sometimes wifi can be spotty! Somedays they will not have any "school" time set aside and somedays will be an entire 8hr day of school. Would this program be suitable for something like that? She is an advanced Kindergartener as she is currently reading and doing Spectrum 1st grade books so can i tailor her curriculum as needed with this program? Thanks for any and all advice!!