How do I get a teen tested for placement?
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    Default How do I get a teen tested for placement?

    My eldest daughter who dropped out of HS is wanting to get her GED. She has been listening to the two younger kids' lessons (4th and 5th grade) and is realizing there are large gaps in her knowledge. Lots of stuff ps never taught her.

    I'm thinking of adding her on so she can take some refresher courses but want to get her tested to see what her main problem areas are. I know math is a biggie. I thought when I signed up DD#2, that she had to take a placement test but I can't seem to find in on the website. But when we started, she was also doing printed out sheets from a different website as back up work.

    Any suggestions?


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    Time4Learning doesn't provide placement tests, since your student can "try out" all the different levels to get it just right. Math at the fifth and sixth grade levels does do a little screening activity at the beginning of each lesson, to see if the student already knows the material.

    On levels other than fifth or sixth, she could take the quizzes and tests before doing the lesson activities, to determine whether she already knows the material.

    If she is comfortable with basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division . . . but "iffy" on fractions, decimals, and geometry, then I would try grade six. Although it's a little juvenile for a teen, it's a good place to gain understanding of concepts beyond the four basic operations.

    If she is confident with easier fractions and decimals, I'd see how she does with level seven (which is more grown up).

    She can jump back and forth between levels, too. She might be able to handle grade eight on some things and need to skip back to grade five on others.

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    I am very new and have a similar situation with a 9th grade child. I have had her using T4L for the Algebra only and learned very quickly that her basic math skills are very week. Currently she is enrolled in the PS, however due to social phobia she is unable to get into the school so she has a school appointed tutor come to the house two days a week. They give her 3 hours of instrucction per impressive is that!

    Today I am pulling her from the PS and going to homeschool her. We have her taking all the tests and quizes for 7th grade, in all subjects. We are listing her skills, strengths and weaknesses, so we can get an idea of where she should be spending time. We allow her to work within her comfort zone. If she does 6th grade LA but her ability is 8th grade, we let it go and appreciate that she is working and building a strong educational foundation. For her it is important to learn without stress or frustration, she does not retain information if she is ovwerwhelmed with emotional issues or struggling to grasp a concept. . She has been tested in a public school and it has given us very little information to guide us.

    There is so much more then grade level we have to address with our disabled teen. The suggestion made above is a great choice to start. The basic skills in all subjects are key to the success of each person. Once you have the basics mastered it is building and expanding from there.

    We wish you the best, and T4L offers several levels so you can customize your child's educational needs.
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