How do you feel about t4l as core curriculum for 7th grade?
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    Default How do you feel about t4l as core curriculum for 7th grade?

    I'm curious whether you all feel the t4l curriculum is comprehensive enough to use for 7th grade, or is it better suited as an enhancement with another HS curriculum. If you have any experience with the middle school grades and using t4l, I'd love to hear from you!


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    Hi, Busybee! I have used T4L as my daughter's main curriculum for years. She is going to be 13 in couple of months and is going into 8th grade next year. She also decided she might want to go to public school next year, but that is still in debate. In the meantime she went ahead and took the tests to enter into this local cyber academy. Her scores were 10th grade. I think it all depends on what really works for your families needs!
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    As you've probably already figured out, T4L does not offer seventh grade science. By the way, I would love suggestions for homeschool science curriculum for middle school if anyone has them! We are fortunate that our homeschool program, offered through our school district, offers hands-on-science enrichment classes every term. I think having some hands-on-science is important. My seventh grade daughter does time4learning language arts and social studies. We supplement social studies with some workbooks and we are watching a lengthy US history dvd too. In terms of language arts, my daughter does daily reading, workbooks focusing on reinforcing grammar skills, a writing class with her dad (he used to be a college writing instructor) and BE A BETTER READER books (which I love - they are available from Amazon). T4L is great but I personally think adding in writing and extra reading is helpful for most students to enhance the core curriculum. I've heard good things about T4L math but my daughter does Saxon homeschool math with her grandpa (he used to be a math professor). I hope this is helpful!

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