I am working on an article on organizing a homeschool day. I'm looking for ideas and input. How do you organize your home school program? Here's what I'm starting with.....

After all the decisions about methods of homeschooling (traditional, unschooling, Christian, standards-based etc), all parents are left with a common challenge: getting the day organized. At times, the days loom very long and the children's attention spans seem very short. To stay at their best, my children seem to require an activity change every 30 minutes. How is a parent to organize a day into 30 minute spots for three children?

The answer for me has been to mix different teaching methods and tools within the same day. My children (they're elementary) start the day with 30 minutes of a language arts text or work book. This includes grammar, vocabularly, spelling, and reading comprehension exercises. We then do 30 minutes of math on the computer (I'm using http://www.Time4Learning.com) following the computer-based curriculum. We do 30 minutes of math text or work book exercises to reinforce the computer curriculum. And the last highly structure 30 minutes is Time4Learning's language arts program.

The rest of the day is alot less structured where we cover alot of reading, social studies, science, and more.