How to move forward through grade levels
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    Default How to move forward through grade levels

    I am considering T4L for our core curriculum for my daughter. She is in a private Montessori school and we are going to try homeschooling next year. I understand that we would get access to 3 grade levels at sign up, but how do you move ahead to higher levels. If she completes all work in the highest level available to her, what happens at that point. Also, if she is working at 5th grade level and completes that level at the end of the school year, she would still have 6th grade level available, but when the next school year comes round, is 7th automatically added and the 4th deleted?

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    When your child completes a level go to the parent login. You will find a place on that page to change the child's level. So if you are doing third grade language arts, you have access to second, third, and fourth grade levels at the top of the page. Once you complete third grade, you go to the parent login and change her to fourth grade language arts. When you log in again, she will have access to third, fourth, and fifth grade levels.
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    My daughter has surpassed her grade level and like Kathi says you are able to login and change levels at any time.
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