I just signed up for T4L and am trying to figure out how to best use it with our homeschooling. I have completed several of the lessons with my boys, but i am a little concerned bc it dosen't seemed very orgainized. Once they do a lesson, they can still go back into it and do it again and again. I am looking for something where once they finish a lesson, they move onto the next in the same menu without having to go through so many sub-topics. it seems to be very confusing. Once they finished the whole section, it gave the check mark for completed, but it wasn't obvioious to them when they had finished a section. we have used click n kid in the past for reading and it did work like that. U were moved up to a new lesson each day. As the parent, i had the option to log in and make them repeat a lesson if i thought they needed to do it again. But i haven't been able to find anything like that for math and other subjects. Any advice on how your family uses t4l?

thaks, Marsha
mom to 3 great boys