How to start kindergarten homeschool in EAst Orange
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    Default How to start kindergarten homeschool in EAst Orange

    My child is about to start school I have yet to enroll him, I am not certain I want to ! My nephews previously went to this school I am to enroll my son in , and they were bullied due to there ethenicty! Please help on how to start home schooling for my child!

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    Hi, Vivian. Each state has its own homeschool laws. The best place to learn the homeschool laws for your state is your state's Department of Education website.

    You might be interested in the free Welcome to Homeschooling guide.

    I always like to make sure new homeschoolers understand that enrollment in an online school is not "homeschooling" (although many people mistakenly refer to it by that term). Time4Learning is a homeschool curriculum. It is not an online school. With homeschooling, the parent directs the student's education and the parent is responsible for following the homeschool laws in their state of residence. Homeschool laws are typically designed to make sure the student is actually learning, and not to dictate how you must teach. You will be able to choose the curriculum you want to use and use it your way (different grade level for each subject, choose your own schedule, and so forth).

    With an online school, a third party will direct your student's education. The third party is responsible for following the school laws in the school's state. School laws dictate all the details of your student's education.

    Again, Time4Learning is not a school. Time4Learning is a homeschool curriculum.

    I hope this is enough information to get you started.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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