I am totally confused with this program
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    Default I am totally confused with this program

    I sign my son up and now I don't know what to do next- how do i get assignments into his account? I guess I just want to go in order- but I don't see where it tells us how to set this up. when I go to his login- there aren't any assignments listed-please help- I really want to get this started for monday.

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    Hi Meredyth,

    I know it can be confusing at first! Just so you know, Time4Learning does not assign work to your child. Each student is given all of the work for any given grade and then the parent and student decide what they need to do.

    Many parents use our scope and sequence as a guide. The lesson plans indicate the number of activities for each grade level and subject. You can take the number of activities and divide it by the number of weeks/days you wish to have the grade level completed by. Remember to leave a few days for test retaking or review.

    You can also use the Scope and Sequence to filter out any lessons you don't think your child will need, as well as picking out lessons you'd specifically like them to focus on. The LA Number to the right of each lesson description will take your child right to that lesson when typed into the activity finder on their launchpad screen.

    I also recommend that all new members check out our Hints section. This will answer many questions you might have and even some you didn't even know to ask yet.

    Hope this helps a bit. If you still have questions please feel free to call or email, or even post more questions here.

    Kris C.
    Time4Learning Member Support

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