I plan on homeschooling next year, and need help deciding what to use for my 4 kids
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    Default I plan on homeschooling next year, and need help deciding what to use for my 4 kids

    I have homeschooled in the past, and always felt overwhelmed, so in searching for a curriculum I want to find something that the kids can do on their own ( at least for the majority of the time ).
    I used Sonlight in the past, and loved aspects of it, but it was very time-consuming. I need something that is flexible, yet will give a solid education and be VERY organized and laid out for me. T4L sounds great so far, but I have a few questions.

    1. I have a will be 7th grader who could be in a grade higher, but we started her late because of her birthday. So I was wondering how it works if she ends up going quickly thru some of the subjects. How will I know what grade she's moved onto... do the lessons go by grade? Such as Grade 7, lesson 1? And do the lessons run "easy", or "hard" comparatively??

    2. How much writing is there? Some everyday? ( for grades 4-8 )

    3. I have a -will be - 1st grader, 4th grader, 6th grader and 7th grader, could I combine the 6th and 7th graders to be doing the same work?

    4. Do you feel there is enough hands on work for little ones to be learning to write, spell etc.? Or would I need to find a supplement for my littlest one?

    5. And one last question,,,, T4L is very organized right??? I want something that reqires very little prep work, etc. I want to be able to help the kids when they need it, and be able to enjoy my family the rest of the time, not spend all of my time planning when to do what and checking work.

    Thank you so much for taking time to listen, and hopefully answer!

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    First, let me welcome you to T4L. Homeschooling can be overwhelming, and that is one of the reasons I love T4L. It takes the terror out of planning, record keeping, and generally makes life easy for me.
    Your children can move at their own pace, whether that is the pace of the tortoise, or the hare. And they can move at a different pace in math, than in science, or lanugage arts. Everything is divided into grades, but at each grade level you have access to 3 grade levels. If one grade is too hard, drop them back a grade in that subject, or move them up if it is too easy. T4L is very flexible, if you want there to be more writing, then have them do all the written assignments, or supplement if you want even more. Writing by hand at our house is like pulling hen's teeth, so we do a lot of those type assignments either orally, or by dictation. As for combining the 6th and 7th grader, you will need an sign in for each child, so letting each work as they need to, whether that is both in 6th, both in 7th, or some mixture of the two grades for each child will be easily achieved. For early elementary, there is very little writing, so you may want to supplement that, but there are a lot of individual exercises for phonics, short words, letter sounds, etc. I found that there was plenty of information for my child at the 1st grade level. This will not be really something that can be answered for you, as each child is different, learns differently, and may need more or less repetition to learn a concept. T4L is extremely organized. It keeps excellent records, and really runs great without your doing anything to make that happen. Remember that it is a computer based curriculum, so almost everything is done online, unlike some curriculum that are workbook/textbook based. In general, you may need to sit with your younger ones, though you do not need to do the teaching, as much as you need to help keep them focused. I know my daughter (5th grader) gets much more done, more effectively, higher scores if I sit with her. Left to her own devices, she gets distracted, doodles, and races through exercises without really learning the material. Again, each child is different, and your's may work fine on their own, or may need you to sit with them. I feel like I didn't give you a lot of concrete information, but I hope I answered some of your questions and concerns. If you need more help, feel free to ask!

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    Welcome to T4L forums! I have two daughters one in 5th and one in 7th. There are some subjects they are further along in than others, which to me makes T4L BEAUTIFUL! The flexibility is just absolutely the best. You can play with the levels as you wish. Each child has their own learning style. At one point I did need to sit down with my daughters so they would stay focused on their work. But much to my amazement T4L has brought independence to my house. Once they realized that I will check the reports to see their work they know they can't just brush things off. If your concern is about writing there is Time4Writing that you can add on to a child's curriculum. Also some of the assignments have printables so there can be extra work on a subject if needed.

    Prep work? What is that...hehe? I feel there is very little prep work needed here on T4L!!
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    Welcome to the group. We have been using t4l for 4 years now. I love how organized it is. My daughter tells her older two children what lessons she wants them to do that day and they do them mostly on their own. With her little one, (Pre-K), she has to sit with her and help her through the lessons. My son is in 3rd grade. I have to sit with him because he has no attention span. I am constantly telling him to focus and pay attention. But even with that, we spend no more than 2 hours a day working. We do supplement with Handwriting Without Tears. You may want to do something like that for your little one. The workbook is very inexpensive. You can go to Spelling City to find spelling lists and all kinds of things to help supplement if you feel the need for that. I have never used any other homeschool curriculum. My daughter started out with t4l. The she went all over the place trying to find something better. She spent huge amounts of money. Now she is back with t4l and loving it. Her kids love it as well.

    Please join the parent group for your state and ask all of your questions there. Someone will be willing to give their opinions I'm sure.
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    I love what everyone has responded to this post. Some great questions too.

    In the upper grades there is usaually a writing (typing if you choose to use word processor) each day in at least one or more subjects even if it is just a journal writing.

    As for supplementing, I only supplement what I see a need for. When my son was having trouble with a math concept I would find some worksheets (free online), online games or even a board game that covered it.

    I love the organization of it. I sit down on Sunday night and write in a planner what I want my son to do. Momma Mary she writes a list on a dry erase board in the am before school starts what she wants her kids to accomplish for the day. There are soooo many different ways to do this program. Once you see all the different ways to use it finding the one that works for your family is all ya got to do.
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