I want to homeschool but am scared
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    Default I want to homeschool but am scared

    I have two children. My younger is 7 and severely dyslexic and attends a superb special needs school. My oldest is in 4th grade and is creepy smart but is being drowned in public school homework and just crap. She's getting picked on at school she has hours and hours of homework that never seems to end and she absolutely has started hating school.

    I would love to homeschool using T4L but I'm terrified of failing and ruining my daughter's chance at life or something. Everyone in my family tells me homeschooling is bad, she'll fall behind, she'll never graduate and things.

    If I decide to use T4L do I need to supplement with other curriculum? In what areas?

    I would love some support please?

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    Hi, WorriedMom.
    I have a daughter with Down syndrome, and we've been homeschooling her and her older siblings from Kindergarten. Our daughter has been using T4L for several years now. She has been progressing so well. She loves the animated lessons. I only need to work with her a few hours a day, but those few hours a day are better than a whole week in school. I have 2 older kids that went to public school, so I know the difference. I also have friends with children with special needs who are fighting the school system on their kids' behalf.

    Mom, I would advise you to look into the homeschool laws of your state, find a homeschool support group in your area, and get connected with other homeschoolers. Then you can make an informed decision, comparing the two. To find a support group, just Google your city and state with 'homeschool support group'.
    One of the reasons I wanted to homeschool my children is because I always hated school. I didn't want my children to hate learning. As I've been teaching my children, I've been learning right along with them at times, or learning a lesson I'm going to teach them. And I'm enjoying learning right with them! My children really enjoy reading, writing and learning. Your daughter may be a gifted learner. In that case she may begin to get bored in a classroom of 20+ kids and may not be challenged. As a homeschooled student, they get to work at their own pace, do in-depth studies in subjects or topics of interest, truly challenging and growing academically and emotionally.

    Does your family know anyone that homeschools? There may be families that are not doing a good job at it, but I haven't met any. I find that oftentimes the biggest critics to homeschooling really aren't well-informed on the subject and don't know any homeschoolers. You can re-assure them by telling them you want to try it, and if it doesn't work for you, you can always put them back in school. Another thing you can Google is Homeschool Statistics. Your family will be amazed to find how well homeschoolers are doing in colleges and how many colleges are actively recruiting homeschooled students because they're disciplined and dedicated to their education.
    Lastly, mom, I just want to share this ebook on Successfully Homeschooling your Child with Dyslexia. And we also have a special needs forum where you may find more information on homeschooling your child with Dyslexia.

    I wish you well. And I hope to see you around our boards again. Feel free to ask questions!
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    I am brand new to this forum but not to teaching or homeschooling with Compass Odyssey, the program Time 4 learning uses for core subjects. I am a certified ESE teacher in the state of Florida (who works in the public school system) and has home support to teach my kids in a virtual setting. I have been using Compass since 2010 and will tell you that it is an engaging format with content that meets state and most common core standards. There are many virtual programs out there but few that have the comprehensive package that T4L is using. And this suite of programs is very reasonably priced.
    My kids used this program when enrolled in a virtual academy and excelled. As an ESE teacher, I have used this program with many students of varying exceptions and had great success.
    Now to address your concerns, I also have a very dyslexic child and a very bright quirky child. I understand first hand the issues facing parents, educators and students. Bullying is a very real issue! However, if your school administration is not willing to deal with it head on then I would definitely consider other options. The wonderful thing about homeschooling is that you have many support networks and many options. You would need to check with your department of education to ensure you were meeting the requirements of homeschooling. However, there is no reason that you can not successfully school at home and supplement as needed. However, I would recommend a rigorous approach. I am not judging anyone who home schools or the time they feel works for their children. However as an educator, I know that students especially those coming from a conventional "brick and mortar" setting, transition well when schooled 5-6 hours per day. My children wake up have a morning routine and begin their schooling by 8:30. They do take breaks that is an accommodation my daughter requires and they have lunch. They usually wind up about 3:30 every day. I pace their work (daily agenda) and provide stimulating enrichment with additional programs to give them a different platform in which to learn. I believe you will do well using T4L and supplementing with just a few alternate programs. Although I believe T4L can stand on its own. You also need to check and get the curriculum maps from your state to ensure your children are mastering the content. Take a DEEP breath and relax. Weigh your options. And if you choose to home school remember you will not mess this up if you simply prepare yourself ahead of time. Good Luck!

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    People are afraid of things they don't know about. Homeschooling with Time4Learning is fine. You will not ruin your child's life, trust me. I've been homeschooling mine for about a year or so and they definitely learn more here than at the crap public school system, especially since they are putting in "Common Core" which is complete garbage and indoctrination.

    I supplement Time4Learning with workbooks that I purchased at Target and online, videos on YouTube or the satellite (like science and such) and they read every single day.

    They only need a half hour to an hour every day to match what they'd get in public school because most of the day in school is spent doing other things besides learning (lunch, recess, etc.)

    Give it a shot, it can't hurt. If you change your mind you can always just put them back into school. They cannot tell you no.

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