Hi just thought I would drop this here for any newbies who are looking at this program and are using this security for their computer.

There are three things you have to do to make sure you can run some of the lessons, especially those needing java and shockwave.

you need to turn off script control, http scan and parental control. Bitdefender is going to try to get this problem fixed but until then by turning these items off it will let the program run without freezing.

to turn off these items: open bitdefender and click on settings in the lower right hand side

under antivirus click on custom level and uncheck scan http traffic (this will not hurt the protection of your computer) click ok

go to privacy control click on custom level uncheck script

go to parental control, uncheck parental control so it is disabled

These are the directions I received from bitdefenders help and now the program is back to running smoothly for me.