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    Default International students/ British English

    Hi! I'm just about to join for a trial period to find out if Time4Learning is working well for my Child. I plan to start homeschooling from August.Our son has just finished grade4 with all A's in the report card but neither he, nor we are happy and satisfied with the public school he has attended the last year. He has been an International school student earlier but since we moved to USA we wanted to try the public school, just to check it out (It was very well recommended but, of cause, that is very much related to what you have been exposed to!) Our children have always had British English as their language and we don't want to mess up the spelling, grammar etc with US English. If we decide to join Time4Learning the program is only with US English. Is there anyone whom have in a similar situation as we are? What solution did you find? the I have looked into the curriculum and the rest sounds very interesting and I also see this as a great opportunity for us to be able to bring the school with us and follow my husband on his travelling around the World and get a lot of inspiration, knowledge and experiences in that way, something that has been IMPOSSIBLE when my son attended the public school. I would be very glad if I can find someone to exchange and share ideas and experiences with! Kind regards, Marianne

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    I just joined T4L myself, I'm American and am living oversees. Our children were educated in the British system. I understand you wanting to preserve your British English as I was in the opposite point of view. As intern'l children it's good for them to be exposed to both spellings 'center and centre.' It's good for us as parents to enforce that they are both correct and that they as children will see it spelled both ways. I tried not to make a big deal with them US vs. British as that can breed difficulties.

    As I read to my children, I tried to find books with an "American" slant and spelling, as you can do with 'British' english.

    Yes, T4L is very American and even the idioms are American based, but that too will help your child as he learns.

    Hope that helps.

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    We are Australian, although my daughter is only 4 she already understands that there are different spellings eg. mum or mom... She has learnt & will continue to learn both & knows she needs to just adapt depending on who the audience is. We have a giggle about it, just like we do regarding the different pronounciations!

    In the workplace (working for a Global company), I found it useful to know & use both spellings anyway.

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    I don't know if you have found it already, but BBC has an excellent website. They have some ed. games and videos... I haven't looked specifically for English or grammer stuff.
    We are using the typing program for my DS (11)
    Someone else had mentioned money programs dealing in pounds, and BBC has that.
    They also have practice tests for the national tests.

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    I moved to England at age 7 and back at age 10. In the UK, I was in an English school (I"ll date myself....I studied for the 11plus and watched us win the world cup!).

    I learned both to spell colour and color. Plus different ways to do math and talk. I found switching back and forth tricky in the short run, great in the long run.


    PS Time4Learning is very American.
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