Hi, I'm a homeschooling mom of two boys, and this is our first year with Time4Learning. My youngest son, a fifth-grader, has dyslexia, and our past experiences with homeschool curriculum have been underwhelming, at best. He is a right-brained, visual learner, and most traditional curricula seemed to be aimed at very traditional auditory, left-brained kiddos. Ever since my son was starting school, I've had an interest in assistive software. We've used products such as word prediction software, mind-mapping software, portable spelling dictionaries, and grammar-checking word processors with mixed results. Some has been incredibly helpful, others have been a poor investment. But what I really wanted most was an interactive multimedia curriculum that would engage his visual learning style and not cause frustration. So far, that has been exactly what Time4Learning has been for us. We use it for the core subjects of math and language arts, and the beginning of homeschool is not the dreaded time of day it always had been in the past. My son especially enjoys the fact that most of his lessons can be read aloud to him by the text-to-speech software (Peedy the Parrot). What a help for reading difficulties! He also likes the built in mind-mapping tool in the Odyssey Writer for writing assignments. And some of the funny lessons in the language arts module really crack him up! We're just so happy we found T4L. I hope it will be as much of a help to each of you, as well.

Kerry Jones