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    Hello, my name is Stacey and I will be using T4L to homeschool my daughter starting this summer. She is 14 years old but was adopted from Kazakhstan at age almost 9 and is still learning English. She was not schooled in her native country at all and her learning is greatly effected by severe deprivation and abuse from birth to age 9. After homeschooling for 3 years we put her into pubic school for the last 2 and it was pretty much a disaster! She was put into 5th grade special ed. and it seemed to work on the surface, but she didn't learn anything academically. This school had a separate classroom for kids with autism and a separate classroom for kids with severe behaviors, the kids in her classroom had reading disabilities, etc.
    The following year (this year) she moved to the middle school. This school is mostly inclusion so the kids that were left and not in the mainstream were very low functioning and her. She did not fit into this classroom! School was making her miserable! Midway through the school year I demanded that she be mainstreamed with support, which the law supports. They made the change but did not give her enough support. She fit in much better socially but the classwork was impossible. Not because she cannot learn but because she wasn't taught the basic information to build on. They were trying to teach her fractions and decimals but she is still learning to add and subtract! Plus her language skills are not strong enough to sit in a classroom and understand everything that we being said. She was not given ELL (English Language Learning) services and we fought for them the whole year.
    So the decision to bring her back home was made, but now I work 4 days a week outside of the home. I had to find a program that would teach her at her level, allow her to move at her own pace as she learned the material and keep her engaged. She will be staying with my mother on my work days so I also needed something she could do on her own, without someone teaching her the whole time. My mother would be available to help but also watches a baby during the day. I am hoping T4L will fill this need!

    Glad to be a part of this group!

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    Welcome Stacey. It's a shame that the school system seems to have failed your daughter in so many ways. You will find lots of us here that also had problems with traditional school systems for various reasons.

    It sounds like T4L might really be a good fit for your daughter since she can go at her own pace and she can go back and redo as many times as she needs even.
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    Default Introduction

    Welcome Stacey and God Bless you for opening your heart by bringing your daughter into your family!

    I am so ashamed for our public school system's treatment of your daughter but, not surprised as I see this same treatment of special needs kids over and over again.

    I just wanted to let you know that I also work full time and Home School my daughter (soon to be 13). This will be our third consequetive year and it has worked so well for us. Not to say that we have not struggled at times but, so much less so than in a week of public school. Even my daughter's former teachers whom we occasionally run into remark about what a different child she seems to be now and to keep up whatever it is we are doing because it must be working.

    There are lots of information resources availabe to you from this board and if you have any questions or concerns, I'd personally be happy to at least lend an ear and offer any suggestions from what we have learned.

    Best wishes to you and your daughter!

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