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    Default Investigating options

    I am trying to get info on homeschooling. I don't know much but need to learn quickly. My children are in French Immersion, I really hate to lose their French education but I am almost at that point.
    I hope someone can answer some questions.
    How do you figure out what level to start at. How do you get started? My son is in 4th grade but more advanced in math and science, weak in english la and very strong in French.
    I don't know where to start or what to ask, I never expected to homeshcool my son, always said I wouldn't (if I valued my sanity) but the school is driving me crazy now, our next step is changing schools, then it will be homeschooling if that doesn't work.
    Is there any homeschool program that teaches in French, if not how do you get more advanced foreign language lessons? What is a typical day like in home school? What about music? My son is very bright and even more energetic, I am not sure he would respond well to me home schooling.
    He is not adhd but has some tendencies, the pediatrician recommended advanced classes but the school will not test him because of his behavior, (which is typical little boy not robot like the school wants)
    Does homeschooling work well with children like this or should I keep beating my head against the wall?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I'm posting a link to this on the Special Needs board. Hopefully, some people there can offer advice on your son's special needs.

    When you ask what level to begin and how to get started, do you mean with Time4Learning or with homeschooling in particular?

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Any homeschooling, I am just starting to investigate the options, and I am overwhelmed, I have heard about some of the different programs, but Time4Learning seems to be interesting. I don't know exactly where to start, which program to choose or mix several. I really want to find something that will let him advance in math and science. I hate that the school wants to keep him from moving on when he is bored. He likes to read science discovery books and the books that they choose are lower reading level books even though he can read and comprehend higher lever books.
    I really need a starting point and direction to move in. I really am clueless when it comes to this. I just want what is best for him.

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    Hi there. Deep breaths!

    How you approach things will depend a lot on your individual child. Many gifted kids (and gifted does NOT mean 'smart' or 'advanced' like many schools would like you to believe) present with advanced abilties and adhd like tendencies, so you may want to explore that.

    I think it is important for any child who is switching from a traditional school to homeschool to have a period of adjustment. Use it as a time to explore what works for you both. A 4th grader can give a lot of input when it comes to materials and course of study.

    If you are looking for testing, and can't afford private testing, you may want to see if a local university has a psychology department that could help you. Personally, I wouldn't want the school testing my kid anyway. Many times you end up with an inexperienced tester using tests that aren't going to tell you much of anything.

    I have a ton, ton, ton o' links and can direct you to articles and materials galore, so if you want any of that, please let me know.

    As for Time4learning we have not been using it long. It is a very useful learning tool for my child. It isn't all we do by any means, but I'm picky and I'm continuing o use it past the trial period, which says a lot. Shmoo really digs it.

    As for what a typical day look like for us: Shmoo usually does some math first thing. Usually she wants do to chemistry next, but now that we have this program, she will come in here and work on the computer some. She mixes in the rest of her subjects throughout the day. I am heavily Socratic in my teaching methods, so I would rather her learn it on her own and then discuss it than have to go through the agony of spoon feeding her information. Now that it is springtime, she is outside a lot. We also race around to activities, and this time of year, we have to be somewhere every day of the week. My kid is BUSY. She works hard and plays even harder.

    Shmoo does Latin, not French, but there are a ton of foreign language programs out there, and you will have a lot more options for French than we do for Latin. As for music, there are lots of opportunities for that in our community. There is even a homeschool marching band.

    Let me know if I can lead you to any resources and additional information. It sounds like your kid is in a pretty toxic situation, and I wish you the best of luck in helping him!

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    For families starting to homeschool, Time4Learning has put together a free guide called:

    Welcome to Homeschooling

    There is also a section of the website for new homeschoolers where we discuss the reality that many homeschoolers never intended to homeschool at all but because of some experiences with schools, they ran out of options and switched to homeschooling as a sort of last resort.

    However, many of these "accidental homeschoolers" after a period of deschooling and adjustment find homeschooling to not just be a good solution to problems but a great new approach to education and life.

    Homeschooling in French is an interesting idea. I don't know of any curricula focused on that approach.
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