Just getting my feet wet and ready to jump in
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    Default Just getting my feet wet and ready to jump in

    HI Everyone and I am so thrilled to have found this site!! I have been wanting to homeschool, but was unsatisfied with the materials I found, so have not taken that leap so far. Over the past two weeks, I have spent countless hours going through every bit of the time4learning site, trying demos, reading testimonials, digging into every direction, and I am so impressed that I am going to go for it and have my fifth grade son become part of the time4learning student body. He is excited, and really likes the way lessons are presented. The site HAS made it easy to follow, and I know we will both get a lot out of it. If anyone has any advice to send to this beginner family, please do!! Thanks for reading, and thanks time4learning for being there! Millie Keller

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    Hi, Millie! Welcome to you and your son! We look forward to hearing how things are going for you.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Default We're new too

    Hi Millie,
    I have been a home schooler for years, but due to personal circumstances needed to find a program that my kids would love to do even if I am not immediately available. I found this resource today, and signed them up! I now have 3 children begging to 'do school'. I have never had this happen before! The best thing is the oldest is 14 but finishing middle school, and is able to help the younger ones if necessary. What a fabulous resource for busy home school families. I hope your first experiences are as great as ours were today ;-)


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    Hi Millie and Kim
    I have been homeschooling for 6 years but have just started using T4L since last January. My 8th grade son with adhd loves the program and has help to free up a lot of my time to help my 3rd grader and get projects done around the house. He finds the Language Arts very entertaining and the Math easy to follow. Hope you have the same luck with this program that I have had.

    Happy Homeschooling Dayna

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    My advice is to use/look at the lesson plans. They have been a huge help for me in planning what I want my son to do. We sometimes skip sections or focus more on certain ones. I am a record keeper to so I love printing them out to have a hard copy to show what he is learning. The report section is wonderful too since you can do that to help with grades.
    Another tip is don't be afraid to have your child be at different grade levels depending on the subject. My son has strengths and weakness and I love that I can pick his grade level to match it.
    Something else that is helpful is in the lesson plan area they have great resources for the parents to use when your child is reading a book in the Langauge Arts. It give you information about the book --summary, questions, backgroud info, and worksheets etc.
    Also, remember you can have your child redo a section if he doesn't get it at first or take the quiz again. I love the option of doing that since then unlike school I know he knows the information.

    Have fun!
    Kim Ann~Quad Cities, IA/IL
    Mom to boys ages 14, 9, 7, 5 and girl age 3!
    Advocate for birth, breastfeeding, & babywearing!

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    Welcome! My advice is to NOT make a solid plan of how you will use T4L just yet. We found it took us several weeks to get a feel for things when we actually started using it. Just make a rough guide of what you want to do to start and then it will be easier to make more solid plans once you have a firmer idea of how it works for your family. I think you will really like it though just like we do.
    Secular homeschooler of 1 son (14)

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    Welcome Millie to the T4L family! My son has been using the program for two full years now (we are just starting his third) and it has been our most positive homeschool curriculum experience thus far. Glad you found Time4Learning!

    Raising homegrown geeks...one laptop at a time. Check out my Topsy-Techie blog at http://topsytechie.wordpress.com/

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