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    Default Just registered.... ???

    Hello and thank you in advance for reading my question!!

    We just registered and will start lessons on T4L tomorrow. However, based on the information I provided in the registration process (a 4th grade level student who can always perform addition, subtraction, multiplication but starts having trouble with division, fractions and decimals), how can I find out where in the 4th grade lesson plans T4L will place our student? Or will they just start him at the beginning of 4th grade even though he really needs to skip ahead to the division basics?

    Thanks so much!!

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    The student is given the entire 4th grade curriculum, but they don't have to start at any specific place. Check out our Scope and Sequence and specifically the 4th Grade Math Scope and Sequence. (There is one for every grade and subject.) If you read through that list it will tell you a little about each lesson available. On the right side there are activity codes. If you read through that list and see a good place for your fourth grader to start, he can certainly start there. You can also pick out specific lessons for him to do by giving him the lesson code, which he would then pop into the activity finder on his launch pad. It will take him right to that lesson.

    That's one great thing about Time4Learning. You can start wherever you need to start, and skip or skip to anything you like.

    Hope this helped!

    Kris C. 8)
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