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    Default Learning Odyssey & T4L

    I noticed that Learning Odyssey isn't availabe for HS, only schools and school districts. The only way for a HS to get it is through T4L.

    So this is my question, if Learning Odyssey goes up through 12th grade, how come T4L mostly goes up to 8th grade?

    Can you go past 8th grade or do you know of a place that offers it to homeschoolers past 8th grade?

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    Time4Learning only started two years ago. At that time, we only offered PreK-3rd grade. We added 4-5th that first winter and middle school a year later.

    We would like to offer high school but it involves a different type of administration. Also, we need to get familiar with the curriculum and its issues and so far, we are totally maxed out staying on top of the first through eighth.

    So, we are thinking about it but at our current size, we wouldn't be able to administer the high school program effectively. But, maybe next year....

    Compass just added high school but they obtain it from an outside group. We will talk to them at some point.
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    Since this topic was last touched several months ago, I was wondering if there were any new developments.

    My son is just starting 6th grade next school year, so I don’t have the issue immediately, but I'd like to look ahead and be able to plan.

    Are there plans for high school? Is it reasonable to think that it might be available in two years or is it likely going to be more like 5 years?

    My boys both love this program and we have done "school" steadily for several weeks now without any major meltdowns..... whoooohoooo.....

    I'd love to be able to believe I wont have to move them to something else for their last 4 years..

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    I'm checking to see if there's any kind of timeline for this.

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