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    I was wondering what the laws are for someone else to home school your child? I've just been informed that homeschooling is my only option for my teenage daughter. I have home schooled in the past but was a stay at home mom. I now work full time and am not home enough to ensure that she is completing her studies. If I could find another home school family in my area is this okay?

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    The laws vary from state to state. You might try posting in the State By State Homeschooling Parent Support Group forum to get the advice of someone from your own state.

    I can tell you that many states prohibit homeschooling by someone other than the student's parent, but that doesn't mean you can't oversee classes taught to your child by someone else. It's a very subtle difference.

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    The law here in Idaho just changed so that other people can home school your child. Definately check into it.

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    I have found is a great resource. I eschool for the extra support but as long as your child makes the teacher sessions online you can school them anytime. I know in the state of Ohio if you do not teach your child a submission in writing to the local school district and a minimum of a bachelor degree unless the other person is the other parent.

    It very hard my sister is in this very same position and has been very strict with him to get this done. If you are truly going to homeschool the HSLDA is a great organization to back you up. If for any reason you need legal assistance and you are a member they will represent you for your homeschool problem. They are the ones who just fought and won in CA when the supreme court tried to force all homeschoolers back in the system.
    Good Luck

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