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    I am new to Time4Learning. Last year was the first year that my children were home schooled. We used a program through K12. It was a pretty good program, but I wanted something that would be more interactive, fun, and capture my children's attention. Time4Learning seems to be just what I was looking for. I've had my children test some of the demo lessons plans, they love it and are very excited about using the program for this school year. I've started one account, in order to become more familiar with the program. When logging on for my child, I see several lessons plans for each subject. Can any tell me how you begin your day? How do you decide which lesson you should begin working on and how much time you should allot per lesson? This doesn't seem to be very structured (by actually telling you which lessons should be completed each day). If I could get some guidance from others to find out what works well, what doesn't work well, how to use the lessons, etc. it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your assistance!

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    Hi. Welcome!

    Be sure and read all of the Hints. They are very useful for getting started.

    Also, look at this information at the bottom of your student's login page:

    Are you a new Time4Learning parent? Here’s how to get started...
    One of the best ways to get started is to give it a try. We can write about how Time4Learning works or create different demos of Time4Learning but frankly, you will learn more, faster by just logging in and starting to use it. Time4Learning is surprisingly simple to use.

    To start, login as a child and you’ll see a series of subjects to pick. You pick what subject to start with and click on that icon (many parents do one language arts and one math exercise every day). Then you’ll see chapter icons . The blinking yellow arrow will show you which folder and lesson to start with. After completing a learning activity, the arrow will advance pointing you towards the next one.

    If you want a little more orientation before starting, look at the online hints. Also, the hints are good to look at after a few weeks to more fully understand the features. The hints section includes useful info such as how assignments work and how to get started.

    The lesson plans (available by logging in as a parent and scrolling down near the bottom of the page) will tell you how many activities there are in each subject. If you need your student to complete a grade level during the school year, divide the number of activities by the number of days in your school year to get an approximate idea of how much your student should do each day in a given subject. Many students proceed at their own pace, in which case they may complete more or less than a grade level during a school year.

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    We started T4L about a month ago and I have found that the easiest way for me to manage what the kids are doing is to give them the freedom to be somewhat self-led. It's not a free for all by any means, but when they sit down to do their T4L, I let them choose the subject and they do the lesson the program suggests. I figured out how many activities they should do per subject per day/ week (like Kelly said ) and use that to base suggestions for them. I look at the activities they have completed every day and if I notice they are concentrating on one subject, I ask them if they want to try something else the next day. The arrow directs them to do the lessons in order. They don't have to do them that way, but I find it easier to follow both from their learning standpoint and as a parent. It's very simple once you're up and rolling.

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