Long time homeschooler, new to high school
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    Default Long time homeschooler, new to high school

    To be frank, I am looking for some peace of mind. I feel confident in the focused unschooling we have been doing, but high school has so many more requirements, both in subjects and in records. I was thinking about using T4L as a basic core and some record keeping, and adding/subtracting items to make it more customized. Any handwriting and paper writing would be my job to assign and check, correct?

    Is there anyone who does this, and any advice you could offer? Thank you.

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    The suggested high school course load is as follows:
    9th Grade: English I, Algebra I, Biology
    10th grade: English II, Geometry, Earth/Space Science
    11th grade: English III, Algebra II, Physical Science
    12th grade: English IV, Pre -Calculus, Chemistry
    Each course is a full year course, except for health and personal finance/economics, which are 6-month courses.

    Time4Learning Progress Reports may be used to create a transcript if the student will be attending college.
    For additional information on high school graduation requirements, check out LetsHomeschoolHighschool's high school graduation resources section. Homeschool High School Graduation
    LetsHomeschoolHighSchool is great source of information.

    As for writing, yes, you do the grading. Time4Writing offers some good writing courses. My son has taken the SAT prep writing course with the certified teachers on that site.

    Another option, which my kids are doing their last year of high school is dual enrollment. In our state we are allowed to dual enroll our students their last two years of high school. So they are receiving high school and college credits at the same time.
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
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