Looking to find the best way to home school for my daughter.
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    Default Looking to find the best way to home school for my daughter.

    We have been homeschooling this year. It's her 7th grade year. We have been using a workbook curriculum and it's just a struggle for us both. I am thinking this would be better for next year. What subjects are included? What will I have to buy separately and teach her myself? We live in Arkansas and other than testing in the spring and filling out the home school paperwork that's about all the state requires. Also is this program considered home school or school? Will she have to test in the spring with the program? Any and all info is welcomed! I just want to be well informed. Thanks

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    Hi! Time4Learning is not a school. It is a homeschool curriculum, so the parent is the teacher of record, and you are subject to your own state's homeschool laws. It sounds like you have done your research about the laws in your state. If your state requires homeschoolers to be tested, you will need to arrange for an independent tester. Homeschooled students score 15 to thirty percentile points above public school students, and students using Time4Learning are no exception.

    Time4Learning provides a complete math and language arts curriculum, with science and social studies available for most grades as a free bonus. Your child can work at a different grade level for each subject, but here is an overview of what is offered for seventh grade:

    Math - "Seventh Grade Math". You can substitute algebra (really sort of a pre-algebra), if you prefer.

    Language Arts - The core language arts program, beginning with some goofy grammar and progressing to studies of literature excerpts (books provided online), with study activities to go along with each book.

    Language Arts Extensions - More language arts, plus thirty-week vocabulary and spelling units.

    Social Studies - A great overview of American history. A little more animated than 3rd-6th social studies.

    Science - The new middle school science courses! You can choose from Earth/Space Science, Life Science, or Physical Science. You can do them in any order. They are each designed to take a typical school year to complete, but you can proceed as quickly or as slowly as necessary. There is also a science supplement called The Nature of Science that adds about two science lessons per week to the science program, if you choose to use it. It covers the scientific method, lab safety, equipment usage, how to measure, and that type of thing. There are no actual labs. If there are experiments or activities to do, the student watches the video teacher do them.

    Art - After you have been a member for thirty days, you can access the art program. It is animated, silly, and fun . . . but covers serious topics like warm and cool colors, value, lines, art as a language, movement, shape and form, etc.

    Families usually round out and personalize their student's education by adding organized sports, music lessons, casual home ec instruction, volunteer work, 4H, Scouting, and so forth. Remember that homeschooling won't take as long as traditional school, because, if your child finishes one subject, she can go on to the next subject without having to wait for the end of a designated "class period". Also, there is no time spent on roll call, assemblies, and such.

    The "running time" of most lessons is about fifteen minutes, except the middle school science lessons, which run around half an hour. That does not include time for your child to respond to questions, do any writing assignments, and so forth. Some days, your student's lesson in a subject might be a ten-question quiz, and that subject won't take long that day.

    I hope this helps give you a taste of what Time4Learning offers a seventh grader. Have you viewed the demos? They are under the Helpful Resources tab at the top of this page (bottom of the list, labeled "Lesson Demos").

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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