Looking into this program for my 8th grader....need advice
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    Default Looking into this program for my 8th grader....need advice

    I need some help figuring out my son's education. I stumbled onto the t4l website and it looks very interesting but almost too easy. He is any 8th grader and is in public school now. We live half the year in Oregon and the other half in Colorado. He is a strong competitive snowboarder and this year he is taking it to the next level which mean more training and travel time. From November to April I need to be able to keep him up on his work in all subjects but when it comes to the thought of home-schooling it scares me to death because the dynamics between us are not that good when it comes to homework. I have looked into the online programs that are affiliated with the public school system but they don't take late enrollments. I just want to make sure that when he decides to return back to school in mid April that he is on track and not behind. He has struggled with reading and is not the most self motivated kid when it comes to school so something that is not to demanding but yet challenging enough would be great. I know that t4l does not offer all the curriculum he would need so we would need to supplement. If there are any suggestions on this as well that would be great but I really want to know how you think this program stacks up. Please supply as much info as possible.

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    Default Re: Looking into this program for my 8th grader....need advice

    that is way cool!

    i think one of the biggest reactions around here is that t4l has so much more than what the schools are doing. its been my personal experience, too. it sounds like you definately have an unique situation tho because he goes back to school, so i'm not really sure how to advise you. have you discussed with the counties some sort of independent study program? where they give you the supplies?

    i think my only concern for your use of this program is that the curriculum ends at 8th grade. so, it would work for you this year, but what about next? not that we do the same exact thing every year, either

    good luck and let us know how it goes.
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