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Thread: Looking for some advice and input

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    Default Looking for some advice and input

    OK, so this is probably going to be alot of information. But if anyone can give me advice, I would appeciate it. My son has complained of hating school for the past 3 years. He is currently in 8th grade. He is absent quite a few days a year, but he is so anxious about going. Last year, I tried to enlist the school social worker to help, but she was useless. I am worried his education is suffering. This past week, my son was home with the flu for the whole week and we did his make up home work together. I realized that I can teach him this stuff (probably better)and have begun considering having him finish 8th grade at home. I think using a program like this would definitely benefit him academically. However, I am concerned that if I pull him out, I am teaching him that it is okay to quit if things get rough. I dont want him to learn to walk away. He gets so upset about going every morning. He has many friends in the neighborhood and is a very social kid...he just hates school. Every morning, there is a fight about school. This is hard for me, because as a single working mom(who works the night shift) I cant fight in the mornings and I feel I give in too much and he is not learning what he should.

    Due to some events that happened at his school last year, he has lost all hope and trust in many of the teachers and administrators at the school.

    I would just like some of your opinions on this program, how it has helped/hindered your child. Do you feel your child is learning what they should at their level? I am concerned about the lack of science and social studies for 8th grade. Anything anyone can tell me would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi rdl78,

    Take a big refreshing breath and try to relax. Don't you hate hearing stuff like that.

    Seriously, I can identify with your situation and will tell you homeschooling was just what my daughter needed. She too HATED school, teachers and administrators had let her down, and she was getting nowhere fast. She does much better at home.

    If you place your son at the 8th grade level, you can request algebra for him at no extra charge, plus, he will have access to all the grade 7 material. This is handy because he can use the grade 7 science and history, which is quite good and will suffice for 8th grade. After one month of membership, you can also request the art program. It is free for six months, which is plenty of time to complete it.

    You can also have your son use a few of our sister sites: Vocabulary Spelling City and Vocabulary Fun. Both are free to use. We also have a terrific writing site called Time4Writing that offers 8 week writing courses and is led by a certified teacher.

    If you feel you want to supplement more, try Khan Academy videos. Even though your son is in 8th grade, I would encourage you to check out Let's Homeschool High School, because it is loaded with great info. They even have a student forum, and you would probably enjoy the parent forum. There is so much to the site! They have a live chat tomorrow at 3 EST. The Facebook page is: Highschool-Homeschool.

    Here is a link to a page with more info about how to use Time4Learning. And here is a great e-book about homeschooling that was written by homeschooling families for new homeschooling families. It is comprehensive without being overwhelming.

    Keep us posted, and maybe some other folks will also chime in.

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    I second everything Jackie said, especially about the taking a deep breath. The choice to homeschool is not always an easy one, especially when it seems sudden and because of unsettling events at. I think you will find that T4L tends to offer more material than your son would cover in a school year in public school. The social studies and science for 7th grade will be adequate for an 8th grader. The additional resources Jackie mentioned will be wonderful for enriching and rounding out your son's education.
    Let me tell you 2 things: 1)Don't look at this as a lifetime commitment. You would be signing on for a school year. If it doesn't work out, he will still have received a great education for the year, through Time4Learning and the one-on-one attention and instruction he will get from you.
    2) If he anxiety and dislike of school are so high, he is not getting the benefit of the education he has access to in public school. In a system already riddled with problems students like your son tend to fall through the cracks.

    Good luck, whatever your decision, and know that we are here to offer you a shoulder to cry on, a pat on the back, or a friend to vent to! Let us know what you decide.
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