Are the Math and LA really enough for the year (homeschooling)?
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    Question Are the Math and LA really enough for the year (homeschooling)?

    Hello, I've been homeschooling my son since K ... he is about to start 4th grade. He is an excellent reader and a great verbal communicator but has always struggled with writing (currently being tested for a learning disability). Because of this, he's does very poorly in programs that are writing-intensive. I thought that doing most of his work on the computer this year would work out well for both of us -- I recently had a baby and also have a 4yo & 2yo at home, so my hands are full and I am not able to spend hours trying to coax him into doing worksheets, especially when we both know that half of them are really "busy work" and not really building his skills.

    I guess I'm just a little skeptical that this program delivers everything that it claims to. I want for him to continue to do well in math and I'd really love to help him catch up when it comes to writing. We already tested the "demo", and while my son loved the games, I felt like things moved a little slowly. Is it mostly just games and practice, or does it really teach all the lessons that a 4th grader would need to know?

    I'm just a little nervous. Fourth grade is a big year, and I'm going to try to enroll him in an exclusive school for Jr. High School, so I know that he needs to be at least on par with his peers. Thank you for your help.

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    My fourth grader has been using time4learning since preK. I find it to be a great program for him. Not to much but definitely enough. I did buy him a Kumon workbook for multiplication. But it is mostly because he hates it so much I wanted to work through it very slowly with him. He just does not understand a need for multiplication and refuses to learn it. Other than that (which is an issue with my son and not the program,) I am quite satisfied.
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    I just wanted to add that my daughter is finishing 6th grade and beginning some 7th grade work. We have been using T4L since I pulled her out of public school in the middle of 1st grade. She was a very reluctant speller and writer, but has suddenly grown out of this difficulty. She seems to be doing a lot better now. I let her get there at her own pace, and that seems to be the key.
    Time4Learning is based on state standards, and I have found that a year's work of Time4Learning is actually much more material than would be covered in a typical public school. The reason for this is that you get the full year's worth of work, not a school year, minus teacher meeting days, inservices, practice for standardized tests, and the week of standardized test many students have to take.
    Your question is whether it is just "games and practice" or if it really teaches the lessons...I'm not sure I understand where one starts and the other ends. Games are a great way to practice the lesson. They allow repetition without having to sit down with worksheets. My daughter is seriously resistant to busy work, in fact, she does not repeat lessons at all. Practice comes in the form of different learning devices, sometimes it is a game, sometimes it is a chart, sometimes it is flash cards, sometimes it is a worksheet. The more different ways I can present a lesson without it seeming like repetition, the better she likes it.

    Remember that you can see how well your son is doing by checking on his scores, quiz scores and chapter test scores. Check the times also, if you see that he is breezing through lessons, see if he understands the concept or if he is just clicking through a lesson. If you see that he is taking a really long time on lessons see if he is getting distracted, or if he is having trouble understanding. You have been homeschooling, so you already know how your son learns and you know what to look for in his comprehension. You know if he is learning!!
    Best of luck and happy homeschooling!
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