Mom of three year old twins need help
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    Default Mom of three year old twins need help


    I am seriously thinking about joining T4L (I am new to homeschooling), but first am in need of some suggesstions about how to go along with homeschooling my three year old twins with just one computer (ie. homeschool together or seperately), and also how many hours a day to homeschool children of this age. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!


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    Children of this age benefit from individual attention during their "formal" school times, but you should have no problem with them sharing one computer.

    Homeschooling takes a far shorter amount of time than public or private education in a group. This is mostly because of "crowd control" issues. Your child doesn't have to wait in line to wash his hands before snack time, wait for his turn to use the classroom microscope, or wait for other students to finish their work before he can proceed.

    At this age, your children's formal education should take very little time . . . one-half to one hour per day. Time4Learning's preschool lessons fit very well into that type of schedule. Use your child's attention span as a guide, but quit before he is ready to quit.

    I'm sure you've heard this before, but the most important thing you can do to educate a child of this age is read to him every single day. Keep a lot of books around and do fun things while reading. You can have them look at the cover before reading a book and ask them to guess what the book is about. While reading, see if they can find words that begin with the same letter as their names. Explain what "authors" and "illustrators" are. Occasionally follow what you are reading with your finger, so they get the idea that those words make up the story, as well as beginning to understand about reading from left to right. You can choose books that go along with their Time4Learning lessons if you like. Time4Learning's preschool program includes a book that is read aloud to the child in each week's lesson.

    Also do things like writing letters and numbers in the sandbox with a stick or talk a walk around town to discuss all of the signs you come across. Teach them to write their names by practicing with chalk on the sidewalk. Keep pets such as fish and gerbils and involve the children in their care. The most effective homeschooling isn't confined to "school" hours. It also encompasses a lifestyle centered around learning.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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