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    I have a 4th grader and 8th grader. They have done half the year at their private school here in KY that they have both been at for over 7 years. We are having to pull them out and think homeschooling is in their best interest. After all my investigating online time4learning looks the best. Is everything that's included in the monthly fee be what they will need? I know I will need to supplement and schedule. I am a teacher, which I am quitting to teach them, but I want to make sure if I get another job in the next few years that they will be able to move on and not penalized for being homeschooled. Any advice appreciated!!

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    Hi there! I have a recent homeschool graduate and an 8th grader. In 8th grade, we aren't really supplementing too much. Interest led stuff (hands on experiments/science labs with our homeschool group) and foreign language (we are using Time4Languages). At 4th grade, we used Vocabulary Spelling City for spelling and vocabulary work. My graduate used Time4Learning from 2nd grade all the way through. We love it.

    Good luck! Definitely check out the other boards on the forum here. And there is a really active facebook group for Time4Learning families, for additional help.
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    I would be wary of any curriculum that claimed it was all your child will ever need. Especially in science and social studies, there is a lot of variety in what is presented when, and how in-depth each curriculum will go.

    You probably know that you won't find a curriculum that exactly mirrors what any school they might return to uses. Whenever a student changes schools or curriculum, there will be some overlap and some gaps. Fortunately, kids are in school for many, many years and these discrepancies aren't very important over the long term, since important concepts are (or should be) constantly reviewed in any curriculum.

    The only thing Time4Learning offers that isn't included in the monthly fee is foreign language. They recently contracted with Rosetta Stone to offer their foreign language lessons to T4L members at a discount. You can log in to your parent dashboard to add foreign language if you choose.

    Time4Learning hosted a webinar a few months ago about beginning to homeschool mid-year. It's available in recorded form on YouTube here:

    Beginning Homeschool Mid-Year

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