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    Hi we r from Louisiana I need a little help finding someone in my area to start me off with this program in have high school student

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    Hi, Felicia.

    Welcome to Time4Learning. To get started, you can just sign up whenever you're ready. As a high school student, you just need to select 4 courses for your child/student. All the material is online. It's a student-paced curriculum and very easy to navigate. So once you've signed up, your student can just get started. This Getting Started guide will be helpful.

    Suggested high school course load is:
    9th Grade: English I, Algebra I, Biology
    10th grade: English II, Geometry, Earth/Space Science
    11th grade: English III, Algebra II, Physical Science
    12th grade: English IV, Pre -Calculus, Chemistry
    Each course is a full year course, except for health and personal finance/economics, which are 6-month courses.

    Of course before starting your homeschool, you should check your state laws. Each state is different. Usually you need to notify your school board with a Letter of Intent to Homeschool. Here is some information on homeschooling in Louisiana.

    Lastly, a good source of information and direction in homeschooling high school is this website. You can find a free guide to homeschooling high school there.
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