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    Default Need help please!

    I live in Homestead, FL. I have 3 boys. Due to violence, lack of respect (from both Students and Teachers) and the schools failure to meet the "No Child left behind" act requirements, I feel that homeschool is my only chance at a quality education for my boys. But, I have a few questions...

    I have one computer and 3 boys (6,7,& 12). Is there a way to make that work?

    My boys are very computer literate and have been playing the reader rabbit, clue finders, and various learning games for years. This is something that would appeal to them. I'm concerned about making sure I have the right level for them. Any suggestions on this?

    There is a requirement from the state of FL that requires documentation presentation or FCAT testing. Is it possible to print a "report card" type document for this requirement?

    I would appreciate any advice as this is my first homeschool venture and I want to be sure to do it right.

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    One of our Florida users has four children sharing one computer.

    Homeschooling takes less time than public or private school, because you don't have "crowd control" issues (lining up to use the restroom, waiting for the rest of the class to complete a project before moving on, etc.). Your children will not spend "all day" on their computer lessons. In addition to a student's Time4Learning lessons, you may require him to read a certain amount of time per day, practice penmanship, practice music lessons, work on an art project, write in a journal, or any number of supplemental activities. It is possible to arrange your schedule so that only one student needs the computer at a time.

    Click here to learn about the printable reports. There are three pages, so click on the arrow at the upper, right-hand corner of each page to read it all. These reports are usually just what is needed for documentation.

    Enroll your students at the level you "think" they are working at. You may choose different levels for math and language. Your student will have access to one level above and one level below his assigned level. That way, if you think something is too easy or too hard, he can try out other levels. Getting the placement correct sometimes takes a week or two (although many students are comfortable where they're placed initially, too). Once you are enrolled, if your students' levels don't seem to "fit", come back here and we'll be glad to help you get it just right.

    Click here for some information specifically about using Time4Learning to homeschool in Florida.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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