need more info on t4l
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    Default need more info on t4l

    hi, i am here because i am interested in homeschooling my son and a friend recommended your program. she used it with her daughters and really enjoyed it and gave it good props. i see that it costs $20/month which is easily doable for me, but i need to know if there are any other costs. books, fees, etc? or is it all online? i have come across other programs online and their costs were bad enough, let alone the books you had to buy on top of it. yuk! so, can anyone fill me in?

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    You are probably comparing Time4Learning to an online school. Time4Learning is not a school. Time4Learning is a homeschool curriculum, so the parent is the teacher of record. An online school will be much more expensive, because they employ teachers to direct your student's education. Some people mistakenly refer to any school work done at home as "homeschooling", but there is actually an important difference between an online school (which is expensive) and an online curriculum, like Time4Learning.

    Most of our members enjoy the freedom that comes with directing their student's education. Children can work at different grade levels in each subject, skip lessons, repeat lessons, do tests "open-book", etc. As the teacher of record, you make all those decisions for your student. We do encourage you to know and follow the homeschool laws in your own state. Each state is different. You might be surprised at how much decision-making ability you have.

    There are no other fees.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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