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    Question New 7th grade4 Homeschooler

    Of course, like most new homeschool parents I'm worried that I might not being doing all that I should. My daughter Karsen is 12yr old and in the 7th grade. She and I both have Dyslexia, now neither of us have actually been tested, but I know how hard it was for growing up and still is. I had asked every year for help for her because I knew what she was going through. I didn't actually know what it was but I knew that we can't figure out how to sound out words. Of course, understanding what we've read. We have signed up for time4learning and she is doing well on it but I really would like to help her with the reading problems she's facing. Any help or thoughts would be great.


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    Hello, Dawn.

    My daughter has a learning disability. She learned to read when she was 9 years old, and it was with a reading method called Phono-Graphix. Phono-Graphix was created with children with Dyslexia in mind, as I understand it, for teaching reading, but also for reading remediation. Here is a review I found online.

    I had my daughter evaluated at the end of our homeschool year when she was 8 1/2 by a certified teacher who is also a reading therapist. She highly recommended this method, telling me to buy a book called Reading Reflex. Through the use of this book and a reading therapist who uses this method, we taught her how to read in only a few months. It's an amazing program!! If you think you'll need a tutor, I found one through their website. I am not connected with the company at all, but I was so impressed with the program, that I also became certified to tutor using Phono-Graphix and recommend it to anyone with a child who is struggling with reading. I know how challenging it can be. My daughter is an avid reader now. Of course, I suggest you read to her and with her as much as possible. It's okay to re-read books she likes. Do buddy-reading, too.

    Soon after we started on this reading program, we found Time4Learning, which also helped build her confidence and practice her reading more. Time4Learning has been a great curriculum for my daughter, especially in learning reading comprehension.

    Best wishes to you and your daughter, Donna. I look forward to seeing you around the forums and hearing how she's doing with reading.
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