My 9 yr old adhd son has always struggled a bit with school, and this year it seems to be getting harder for him. His school has him in extra math and writing/grammar tutoring- to accomplish all of this they take away his recess. I have tried to get him some extra help by way of instituting a 504 plan but the principal does not want to do this. 2 weeks ago she promised to call me with a meeting time to talk about what to do to help him- well, of course she never called.
This inspired me to look at homeschooling but frankly I don't want to sit at home and teach all day- this is NOT what I had envisioned for myself. However when I found this program I was very excited. It seems very thorough!
What I have decided to do for now is continue with public school (his homeroom teacher does try to help as much as she can) and supplement with a few lessons on Time4Learning every day to get him caught up and hopefully pass that awful state test- ick!
If I do decide to just pull him out of school, is Time4Learning pretty much all I would need? I think I could almost handle homeschooling if it was pretty much all online stuff- then more time to do things like zoo, museum, library, etc.
I honestly don't know what answers I am looking for here- I suppose just some support since I have no idea what I am doing and what I will be doing in the future. It's all very scary!