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    I'm new here, so my son and I have been trying to learn it together. He just finished 2nd grade. I'm not sure what 1 lesson is actually it one of the icons within Math, English, SS, Science or is 1 lesson considered the icons within the main icon of the subject. Boy that was confusing. I really don't want him getting out without finishing one because I think it's confusing until I can figure out how this all works.

    But my main question is figuring out for him and me how to know he has completed and finished the icon. We kept doing the same quizes and things over yesterday trying to figure out why it wasn't putting a check on it. For instance in Language he completed all the things to do within Spider, well 4 of the icons were for reading or being read to, or with, or by yourself. I only made him do 2 of the icons, reading with and reading by himself...he really shouldn't need to go thru all 4 icons to get the story read. Anyway...he did it all, finished the quiz-mastered it, but when we go back in the arrow is not going to the next icon and when you get back in the spiders, the 2 he didn't do look uncompleted and do not circle and "sparkle" when we go in and the arrow is pointing to the other 2 reading icons not done. It looks like when he finished the main quiz, no matter how many he did within that area that it should be mastered and completed....but this does not say this anywhere. I can't imagine how confusing this will get in a month when half are done and half are not. Is there a way to put the ones he's done and took the quiz on in the folder and out of the way?

    Also, can we go to any icon within Math or do we need to stay where the arrow is pointing?

    Another all the icons on there all the lessons for 2nd grade or is there more and it will advance after he's done this all? He's going into 3rd grade and soo far everything is super, super easy for him so I'd like him to go ahead and do as many as he can to advance to where he needs to be.

    See, told you I was confused...I would appreciate any insight!


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    Hi Terri,

    Lets see if I can sort thru the confusion.
    1. Within each subject icon, there are folders that comprise "units". Sometimes these units are organized in folders with sub-units.
    2. If a child finishes a lesson completely, the icon for that lesson should be checked off and the blinky yellow arrow should move to the next one.
    3. In some grades, such as 2nd, the reading comprehension section has the same story repeated 3-4 times. You probably should not read the same story that many times (although some people do), you should just pick the style that is best for your child. It can be read to you; read to you with the sentences being read highlighted; not read but every word is "hot" and if you click on it, you can hear it; or you can read it with only the vocabulary words being linked to help.
    4. The best Help and hintsare found on the members login page. It explains all of this and more in a simple easy-to-understand visual manner. - I hope this helps. If not, give a call and we'll explain (leave a message if we don't pick up. For some reason, we've had non-stop calls this past two weeks and are thinking of adding more phones and people)
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    Yikes,same here. We worked and worked on the site and were not given credit. We then went back in and clicked on "exit" after finishing the assignment and only then was it marked complete. Also genius me decided to let my daughter get "more" practice after have mastered her first test she then did another with a score of 60 OUCH!! I want her to be able to go back in and retake THAT test that she got a 60 on.

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