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    Default New to home schooling

    I am currently in the process of home schooling my daughter for kindergarten. Is a good website to use? Is there any advice you can give for a newbie to home schooling? Thank you

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    Hi, Elissa! You might be interested in the free Welcome to Homeschooling Guide!

    A kindergartner should only be spending an hour or so on formal lessons. The rest of their time should be spent playing in the sand box, building with blocks, doing arts and crafts, engaging in creative play (playing house, playing hospital, playing with toy cars), being read to, putting together puzzles, talking about the different kinds of vegetables at the store or the different colors of cars in the parking lot, and so forth.

    I've used Time4Learning with all my kids. Several are grown, graduated, and either finished with college or in college. Time4Learning has been an important part of their education.

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Elisssa, we started using Time4Learning in Kindergarten and love it!! We're still using it 5 years later. My daughter was captivated by the animation and silly characters. And she still laughs at their jokes. She's progressed so well with T4L. And I never have to fuss with her to do school.

    We've gradually added more time to actual sit-down work over the years. But Kelly is right that in kindergarten we only spent about an 45 minutes doing T4L on the computer and then maybe 15 minutes or so practicing handwriting. We spent most of our time on playing, some educational games and some just fun interactive games. Playing in the sandbox, at the park, with her siblings or friends, baking together. We also read together a lot! We started with me reading to her, then buddy reading (she read some, I read some). Now we read out loud to each other and have quiet time reading alone. I firmly believe a love of reading is a strong foundation to a love of learning in all subjects.

    Best wishes to you!!
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