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    Default New To Home Schooling

    We are going to start Homeschooling my 8th grader (mid-year). Since this is all new to me I have no idea where to start. I have looked at different websites but some of them are rather vague. I just want to do what is legally responsible as far as getting started. We reside in Portland, Oregon. She has attended public school since the beginning.

    What steps do I need to take to get things rolling?

    Thank you for your help. I'm excited about finding this website and am interested in getting started right away. \/

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    Default Re: New To Home Schooling

    Welcome Melanie!

    I am the Oregon State Rep for T4L so any questions you have about rules and regs for Oregon,esp. Portland can be found on the State page.(If you go to board index of the forum, scroll down to State by State homeschooling, find Oregon and we have lots of info there!)
    Here is the main Oregon State T4L page link: ... egon.shtml
    Or you can contact me via PM or email and I will help you along!!!!

    I live in Portland also, am the homeschooling Mom of a 6th grader and 7th grader, both boys.

    I would start your daughter by testing her on lower grades of 6th or 7th. It will give you a feel for where she is at, academically. And due to lack of PS teaching, she may not have all the basics and fundamentals down and a refresher is sometimes an option.

    T4L is only preschool-8th grade at this point. So if she starts on the 8th grade year, you may have to find another program for her high school years. T4L higher ups are working on getting a high school program and we are all crossing our fingers that they come up with one soon!! Esp. those of us with middle schoolers!

    As for starting mid-year, I have found that starting at the beginning of the program works best.... only because chances are you will find gaps. Some of the info will be easy for her, some will be harder! And because it is homeschooling, you can work at a pace that works best for you and your daughter!!

    Welcome to T4L and if you have ANY questions or need help, do not hesitate to ask! That is what we are here for!

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