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    My name is Annette, this is my first attempt at homeschool with my daughter Alyssa (7) she went to public school for kindergarten and first grade. She was constantly sick. And missed so much school that in kindergarten the school threatened to file charges on me.

    We have decided that homeschooling will work with our spiritual goals as a family. We are Jehovah's Witnesses and this will allow us to put our ministry first.

    I love the idea of teaching her at home. We are all excited to get started on this new journey. Although I'm not sure where to start. I've setup her login but have not yet added anything. Is there an order to classes, etc? Also, is there a set amount of time that has to be done or could we do the work at times that are most convenient for us?

    Thank you for any help or suggestion.


    Momma to my precious Alyssa

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    Hi, Annette. I know it can be confusing at first. Soon, you'll be giving homeschool advice to others.

    Time4Learning isn't a school. It's a homeschool curriculum, so YOU are the teacher of record. You make all the decisions regarding scheduling and so forth. You might be confusing "homeschooling" with enrollment in an online school or a public-school-at-home program. Many people mistakenly refer to that type of school as "homeschooling", because the work is done at home. With real homeschooling, the parent directs the child's education. It's a good idea to follow your own state's homeschool laws and each state's laws are different, but you generally have a lot more flexibility and freedom when you homeschool.

    So . . . yes there is a recommended sequence, but you are not at all obligated to follow it. Most people choose to follow the sequence at first, and then they might start customizing the program more as they become more experienced. To follow the sequence, your student logs in to their account and clicks on a subject icon (like math, language arts, science . . .) They will be brought to a page with icons representing chapters. They click on the first unchecked icon to be brought to a page with icons representing lessons. They click on the first unchecked icon on that page to be brought to a page with icons representing lesson activities. They click on the first unchecked icon and will finally be brought to a page representing lesson activities (things to do within each lesson). If a student is going to do more than one lesson activity in that subject, they need to start the process again when they are ready to access the next lesson activity.

    When all the lesson activities in a lesson have been checked off, the lesson icon will automatically get checked off, too. When all the lessons in a chapter have been checked off, the chapter icon will automatically get checked off. too.

    Don't confuse these check marks (which happen automatically) with "checking off" a lesson activity within the Activity Planner. Log in to your parent account and access the Activity Planner if you want help deciding how much she should do each day. There are videos explaining how to use the planner in the parent helps section.

    Instead of using the planner, you might simply want to check the lesson plans (also within your parent login) to see how many activities there are in a subject. Then, divide the number of activities by the number of days in your school year to decide how many she should do each day. For example, you might decide she should do one language arts activity, one math activity, two social studies activities, and one or two science activities each day. (That's just a random example and not based on the actual number of lesson activities at any grade level.)

    A note: In K-2nd, I advise to complete all the language arts activities first, and then do all the language arts extensions. From third grade and up, I advise to do language arts and language arts extensions together.

    Yep . . . you can log in and do the lessons any time, and take days off whenever you like.

    Please let us know if you have further questions. We're happy to help!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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