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    I have recently decided to home school my two daughters, 7 going on 8 in March and 4 going on 5 in April. My 7 yr old was diagnosed with moderate hearing loss meaning that she is half deaf and has been behind in school since kindergarten she struggles in school and it seems the teachers are not willing to help. I feel that home school for her would be more beneficial since she needs one on one learning. My question is this, I am a single mother working full time. Would this program be a good one for me to use? and if so would I be able to start her in the middle of March? Thank you

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    we have lots of working parents - in fact, we have an entire section of our forum dedicated to them. you can turn to them for any specific questions on how they manage their schedules and workloads. i have worked part-time from home, and i have found this program invaluable because i sometimes don't have the time to think out everything that needs to be done for homeschooling. because this program takes care of the basics, i can use what time i do have to focus on some of the other stuff they're interested in. you can start or finish your year anytime you want to, t4l will not set those standards, they simply offer you the curriculum - it is up to you how to use it. good luck and we hope to see you soon. let us know if you have any other questions!
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