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    Default New to homeschooling

    Hello. My hubby and I work during day. Can I hire someone to homeschool my kids?

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    Default Re: New to homeschooling

    Welcome to the forum!

    Homeschooling is legal in all fifty states. Most of them have legalized homeschooling because they recognize that a parent is "uniquely qualified" to teach their own child, just because they are the parent. They have presumably taught the child to walk and talk and eat with a spoon . . .

    Each state has its own homeschool laws, and they are all very different. MOST of them say something about the parent being the teacher. That does not keep you from hiring a tutor or using community classes or online courses, though. After all, classroom teachers invite speakers in, use computers, and show DVDs to their class and they are still "the teacher". What that means is simply that the parent is the one who is ultimately responsible for seeing that the homeschool laws in the state are followed and for signing any documents and providing any notification. So, if you hire a tutor, be sure he or she is teaching the required subjects (if your state requires any) and know and follow your state's homeschool laws yourself.

    A very few states' homeschool laws say something about hiring a tutor. They are all so different that it would be difficulty to summarize them here. The best place to find your state's homeschool laws is your state's Department of Education website.

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    Default Re: New to homeschooling

    Yes of course! It depends on your location though. Me and my husband are living in Lagos, so my daughter is seeing her math tutor from service. It's very convenient. Just look up in some sort of information book, and choose the one who will not raise fees for coming from far. Think about it in advance.

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