New to HomeSchooling & Have a child with CAPD in 4th Grade
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    Default New to HomeSchooling & Have a child with CAPD in 4th Grade

    I am looking into home schooling my daughter as she is struggling in school. She was assessed with CAPD 2 yrs ago but was not "eligible" for additional help through the schools until this year. It has been difficult for her. She has coped but her confidence has dropped due to her frustrations of not learning like the other kids and feeling like the "dumb" kid in her class. She is eager to learn and loves people, but now is starting to have some struggles socially as well because other kids are aware that she learns "differently" and she has dealt with some teasing. I work from home and have flexibility to work with her but want to make sure she is getting the best support she can receive. Question, "could that be me?" This year she was been placed in a Special Learning program 2 hrs of her 7 hr school day. This has helped dramatically, but their are still the social issues she faces daily that are difficult. I don't want her to lose the confidence she has gained through her Special Learning teacher. Can T4L be a good fit for both of us? Give it give her the confidence that she is seeking and the same for me as her teacher? Looking for Input Especially from anyone that is familiar with CAPD cases. Thanks!

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    I'm sorry. I know how difficult this is. It's a difficult decision to make. My daughter has special needs (learning disability). I can't specifically speak of CAPD, but I can say that most kids, but especially kids with special needs, benefit greatly from one on one attention. Homeschooling has been the best decision we have made for all of our children, but especially our daughter with special needs.

    It sounds like the school situation your daughter is in now is not working. Why not try homeschooling? If it doesn't work for you, you can always put her back in school. I sincerely think it will be a good change for her.

    We are members of a couple of local homeschool support groups. My daughter is in a homeschool P.E. class and a ballet class. We are also considering joining the drama club with our homeschool group. Her curriculum is Time4Learning. After trying several other things, we're so glad to have found T4L. She really enjoys the interactive lessons, and has been showing good progress.

    Maybe you could try it over the holiday break. Time4Learning is a 19.95 month-to-month membership. And you can cancel or put your membership on dormant if you need to.

    By the way, there are other forums on here, like the Special Needs and State forums, which you may want to check out. If there are any other questions about homeschooling in your state or about Time4Learning, feel free to ask them here.
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    Hello! I am glad that you stopped by the T4L forum... though I haven't dealt with CAPD... my daughter is dyslexic and T4L has been great for her. It is definitely a flexible program, and would seriously help alleviate her feelings of insecurity. There are always alternate ways to incorporate social skills, with possibly much better opportunities than those of the public school.

    I would agree - give it a trial run to see if it fits.
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