New HSer Trying to Decide (Kindergarten)
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    Default New HSer Trying to Decide (Kindergarten)

    My son turns five on Wednesday and I have already sent in my NOI letter (we live in Virginia). I'm considering using Time4Learning along with piecing together a few other things (for example, maybe Math-U-See since my math teacher husband seems impressed by it, and some Explode the Code books for phonics).

    I've been hesitating about using Time4Learning for the following reasons. While my son enjoys iPad games (a LOT), he is never really interested in doing anything on my computer. Also, if he thinks I WANT him to do something or I have some learning goal in mind, he really resists. In spite of this, he knows quite a bit, especially with math, and he's pretty much learned everything through hands-on play except what he has learned by playing on the iPad. If Time4Learning was available on the iPad, this decision would be easier. He has trouble using my laptop mouse to click and drag and he gets frustrated, so even if I can convince him to do it I worry that he'll get upset by that. BUT I like what I've seen of T4L and I would love to have something that keeps track of his progress this year.

    Do you think I should give it a go? I also like that I can skip ahead to the 1st grade stuff, since he's advanced in math.

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    Hi Lisa,

    Guess what--you CAN use T4L with and iPad. One member wrote the following on FB: There are a couple of flash browsers that you can download from the App Store that make it possible to to T4L on the iPad. I use iSwifter. There is also Photon and Skyfire. I think iSwifter and Photon are the best.

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