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    Hi my name is Shannon Nunez. I will say I am very interested in see if this can help my children. I have two boys one 11 and one about to turn 9. We have had extream difficulties with them during there time at the public schools in our district. See the boys are both dyslixic. We I started noticing problems with the oldest in second grade I was told he was just lazy. I knew better he is so smart verbally. Well got him tested at Scottish Rite and we got the diagnosis. Not that it did us much good.Yes he got to go to dys. class but No real help anywhere else. Then along comes the 2nd Kindergarden they were asking us to put him in the gifted / talented program. Then 1st grade they want to hold him back because of reading scores. Not grades, he passed every subject. Just his reading level. So I am hoping that with moving them to a new school district and this program that we can mend the missing education tools they need to learn.They are both so smart but neither one very good at putting stuff on paper. I have my fingers crossed this is our answer.

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    Hi, Shannon! Welcome to the forum.

    Many parents are using Time4Learning successfully with their dyslexic children. Here is a page that might interest you.

    Looking forward to hearing your experiences.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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