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    Default New to T4L

    Hello! I'm Kelly. I have two boys, Darik - 11 and Alex - 7. They are both about to have birthdays so soon it will be 12 and 8. Darik has been home schooling since 2nd grade and Alex has always been home schooled. We will be using this program for home school curriculum, we will of course supplement it with our own studies, Bible, geography, health, typing, etc. We just found out that Darik is dyslexic, therefore the need for a more visual learning method. Alex is on the gifted side. His math skills are unbelievable.

    It seems like a really great program... are there any hidden costs? I'm hoping this can help my oldest get more confidence in his learning. He is so smart, but it's so frustrating for him to do most things. I like the fact that you can work at your own pace.

    Kelly - Lover of Christ, Wife to Roger, Home Schooling mom to Darik and Alex

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    Hi. I'm Kelly, also!

    If you sign up for Time4Learning, you will not be asked to buy anything else.

    Even in the literature units, almost all of the reading material is built right into the program and can be read online. There are a handful of lessons in the language arts extensions that require books you can find at the library.

    Students need an occasional household item for science experiments (coins, straws, string, etc.). They also will want paper and pencil for some of the assignments. (A science notebook is suggested, which can be a few pieces of paper stapled together, a spiral notebook, or a three-ring binder.)

    If you intend to use the printable worksheets, you will want a printer, ink, and paper.

    Feel free to ask more questions as they arise. Hope to see you join us!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Welcome to T4L Kelly!

    My son also has dyslexia, and this program has been perfect for him! A lot of kids with dyslexia seem to be right brained, visual learners, and the interactive multimedia style of the T4L curriculum is often right up their alley! We're on our third year with the program, and my son still enjoys it a lot. Hope your kids have as much fun with Time4Learning as we have...

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    Welcome!!! I started this week for my almost 12 yr old son who was pulled last week from Public School. We love it so far!! He is doing great!! And everyone on here is so helpful!!

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