New to T4L but not homeschooling....a few questions
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    Default New to T4L but not homeschooling....a few questions

    Hello, my name is Jeni and I have always homeschooled my 5 children who are currently 12.5yo boy (6th/7th grade), 10.5yo boy (5th grade), 9.5yo girl (4th grade) 4.5yo girl (prek/K) and 2.5 yo boy. My oldest is some what behind grade level but wants the freedom to catch up. We've been talking to him a lot about high school here lately and he really likes the idea of taking CLEP tests in high school, problem is we need to get him up to high school level hence the reason he is interested in "catching up to grade level" (He is behind due to hearing problems when he was young but those are resolved now and he is fully capable of accelerating if he is motivated to do so.) My second oldest is very bright and loves to read but has dyslexic and dysgraphic tendencies. I'm hoping T4L will give me the time I need to focus on his weaknesses and still allow him to progress at grade level where he is able. My older dd is pretty well average all around, neither ahead nor behind. My 4.5yo has been classified as "gifted" or we have been told she would be if she were in school. A neighbor who works in Special ED in the local schools told us she would probably be recommended for moving up to at least K if not first grade. She is very precocious to say the least and while a delight to teach, also exhausting to keep her challenged. So I really think the access to 3 grade levels will be helpful to us all around.

    So now that you know our story here are my questions. Do any of the science programs have you do hands on experiments? I would not object to just doing our own experiments, I just need to know so I can factor that into our costs since we are already going to be paying $65 per month for T4L. How long per day do I need to alot per child for this program? Would each child need their own computer or could they share? I'm sure I can think of more questions but that's all I've got for now. TIA for any help


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    Welcome to Time4Learning.!

    To answer your questions about science. There are some optional experiments that you can do or you can opt out of them. So far I have not found any that take a lot of extra funds to do. One I remember off the top of my head is a mold growing one. All that called for was a piece 2 pieces of bread and zip lock bags.

    Your children can share a computer. Each child will sign in under their own name (account). I know some users that have their work as follows.

    Tommy does math
    Betty does dishes

    Betty does math
    Tommy vacuums.

    Tommy does science
    Betty reads out loud to Mom

    Betty does science
    Tommy reads out to Mom.

    See the pattern there. Once subject at a time. Then there are other parents that would have Tommy do all of his work in the AM and Betty do all of her work after Lunch.

    No family is right or wrong. It is what ever works for your family.

    Each child take different amount of time to finish their work. My son who does 5th and 6th grade level work, will take 1 hour some days then other days he will take 3 hours to do his t4ling work. It all depends on his mood, the material he is learning that day and if he understands it right away.

    I hope I answered your questions for you. If you have anymore please feel free to ask away! If I don't know the answer someone else will come along and answer.
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