New to T4L.. feeling lost
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Thread: New to T4L.. feeling lost

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    Default New to T4L.. feeling lost

    I am a semi new HS mom of 2. We started last Oct (2012) after a move for my husbands job. I have used almost everything out there, it seems, and I feel like I am failing. My kids are both in 7th. We started with Saxon math year and that bombed, then we went to Mat U See, that also bombed. We are currently using Teaching Textbooks, but having computer issues at the moment. We are using BJU Grammar & Life Science. I feel those are too teacher heavy for me. It has me so overwhelmed and I feel like I am not teaching them what they need. We could not afford the videos, so it is all me. We are doing Sonlight for history & geography & like it & hoping to supplement with T4L. I am just overwhelmed, over stressed and feel like we are so behind where we should be. We are doing the 2 week trial & I hope this goes well!! Would love any suggestions or advice!!!


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    Hi, Sharon. I'm sorry for the issues you're having with curriculum, but if it's any consolation, it's not unusual to go through more than one curriculum before finding the right fit for your child or for your family. Math was the difficult subject with my oldest daughter (now 18yo). We also tried several different curricula for math. We tried Saxon, Math-U-See and Teaching Textbooks. After using TT we found that she was behind in math. I don't know if it's because TT is a bit behind or if she just missed some concepts with all the changes. Ultimately we ended up getting a tutor to help her with her math. Unfortunately Time4Learning didn't offer high school courses at the time we were going through these issues with our curriculum. T4L just started offering high school this year, which we're excited about.

    Sharon, my advice with curriculum is if it's not working, then I would change. But to be honest, I think 2 weeks may not be enough time to know if a curriculum is the right fit or not. With T4L you get the following subjects: Language Arts, Language Arts Extension, Math, Science, and Social Studies. You can use them all as your sole curriculum or you can supplement some of the subjects. There are families that use Time4Learning with Sonlight. You can follow that link for more info on that.

    I also want to give you the link for the Lesson Plans by grade and subject. This may be helpful in determining what is covered in each lesson and where you can place your daughter. Another good thing about T4L is that a student is not bound to one grade level across the board for all subjects. For example, my daughter is 4th grade, but a lower grade level in math because she has learning challenges and math is a real struggle for her.

    Lastly, this link for new users to Time4Learning should be helpful in navigating the website. Hints & Help - How to Use Time4Learning

    Sharon, I hope you find Time4Learning to be just what you're looking for. Best wishes!
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
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    Hi Sharon!

    I started homeschooling last February and have only started *not* feeling overwhelmed just recently! There is so much to go through and so many options - it made my head spin! I went through about 8-10 (or more?!) different curriculums and now have settled on two - Time 4 Learning and a math program called Life of Fred. I do both at the same time. I just wanted to mention Life of Fred because it is way outside the box of what you normally find with math programs. I use Life of Fred for math then supplement that with the various math activities and quizzes/tests on Time 4 Learning, just to make sure that what he's learned with Fred has 'stuck'.

    Good luck and hang in there!


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    Hey Sharon,

    It usually takes time for things to sink in. I think in a way you will always feel overwhelmed. You will also always feel like you may not be doing enough. Breathe - it's a sign that you're a mom who really cares. I think it is important to just sit down, give it a day or two, streamline one curriculum or two and then stick to it. Make sure to supplement these with worksheets, games and activities (a lot of resources/ideas on Pinterest and sites like that). And above all, make time for yourself. Hang in there.
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