New to Time 4Learning-Questions about 3rd grade math
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    Default New to Time 4Learning-Questions about 3rd grade math

    Hi I am new to Time 4 learning and hoping to get as much feedback as possible. I have a 3rd grader whos having issues in math, how many days per week after school should she do a lesson and for how long??

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    Default Re: New to Time 4Learning-Questions about 3rd grade math

    Hi, and welcome!

    Instead of focusing on how many lessons she completes, or the length of time she works, I would focus on mastering the concepts. Lessons can be done as many times as necessary to learn the material. Some days, this might mean she blasts through half a dozen lesson activities with no problem at all. Other days, she might need to really concentrate on one activity that is difficult for her to understand at first.

    If she is in school, her teacher should be able to identify the specific areas where she struggles. You might print the lesson plans and show them to her teacher, who can circle areas of concern. Be sure to also assign some of the areas that are not circled, because her success with those will be encouraging to her (and review never hurts). Especially at first, assign easier lessons, while she is getting accustomed to the program.

    Don't hesitate to start her in first or second grade math. Sometimes, when we feel a child is "behind", we are in a hurry for them to "catch up". A student remains at a disadvantage with math if they don't understand the very early concepts. Sometimes, to get at the root of the problem, you need to go back and assure that they understand the basics.

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