Newbie to Homeschooling & T4L - Activities Question
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    Default Newbie to Homeschooling & T4L - Activities Question

    I'm new to homeschooling and signed up for the T4L trial a few days ago. The question I have - are there activities besides worksheets, writing, etc that are recommended with the lessons? My son and I are both very hands on learners and like to do projects to help with the learning. Problem is I'm not good at coming up with the activities myself. Are projects and experiments included in Science and Social Studies? If not, does anyone have any recommendations as to where I can find activities to supplement? Thank you very much!

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    Default Re: Newbie to Homeschooling & T4L - Activities Question

    Welcome to T4L!

    My favorite and easiest way to supplement the lessons is by searching YouTube for movies and video clips. You would be surprised how many great videos match the lesson material. My kids retain the material far better when they have visual enhancements. I also love Discovery Education (streaming plus) ... temid=1036 because there are so many high quality videos but that one is expensive...YouTube is free! I know a lot of people use Brainpop and Cosmeo for videos supplementation too.

    I'm also really starting to like lapbooking. Lapbooking is another fun and creative way to reinforce the lesson material. ... CBAQsAQwAA (free lapbook templates/ideas here)

    Read along in the lessons with your child for awhile. There are extra activities built into the ss and science lessons, but they are easily missed. Some take a little preparation.

    Have fun!

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