Not Homeschooling ... but I like T4L as extra practice at home!! Want you opinion
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    Question Not Homeschooling ... but I like T4L as extra practice at home!! Want you opinion

    Hi All,

    I am new to T4L...not yet subscribed.

    I would like your input, who are homeschooling or not and are using T4L. I do like the demos I saw and have read through some forum threads and really like what I see in T4L so far. My son is in 2nd grade and a good student but struggles in some areas like mental math, comprehension etc. Plus the communication is very poor from the public school. We are not aware of things going on in school other than the math homework they get and the spelling test they do.

    I was thinking of joining T4L as extra practice at home! What do you think? He loves working on computers and very good at it. He just troubles me a lot when I give him worksheets I create and thought he might do this happily and still learn plus no headache for me of creating worksheets...

    Please let me know your views on this....still thinking...

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    I homeschool my son and am also new to T4L, but it was suggested to me that My son could take the chapter tests in the math section then could do the sections in the chapter that he didn't master already. And I found that was so true. He has sped through the areas he has already learned and only had to do the lessons he didn't understand on the tests.
    Not sure if that helps you decide but it was very helpful to me

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    Hello and welcome to both of you!

    I think using T4L as a supplement is a great idea! It will probably help your son out a great deal, and it will be easy for you to see what he is understanding and what he needs more work in.
    When I was first considering homeschooling, I told my daughter she did not have to do public school homework if she would work on Time4Learning. She did, with joy! There was one day over the Thanksgiving holiday that year that she did something like 40 lessons because she loved it so much! That helped me decide that homeschooling was the right answer for us.

    We do that. My daughter takes the quizzes first sometimes. If she makes a 90% without doing the lessons we move on, if she makes an 80% or lower she has to go do the lesson and retake the quiz. This means we don't spend time on stuff she already understands.

    We are glad to have you both here and look forward to hearing how things are going for you.
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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    I think a lot of people use time4learning as a supplement for the schools. There is even a parent forum for after school or summer use if you look at the forums at the top of the page. We are homeschoolers but our friends use it as a supplement.
    Kathi Homeschooling Mama to Twelve year old Dakota

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