One elementary, one high school and no country!
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    Default One elementary, one high school and no country!

    Hi everyone, I am new here. I am also new to homeschooling....I think! I pulled my 9 year old son out of school last month and he is now at home with me. My 13 year old daughter is in high school but I am considering pulling her out in July.
    So here's the thing. My son is an Aspie with mild sensory disorder. "Regular" school has always been a nightmare for him and for the rest of us, so I took him out. In the past year he has been in a very small private school (only 8 kids)...and while he has done very well academically, he still struggles with kids bullying him and the lack of "fun" in his schoolwork. It's all just books, books and more books. I know my kid, he prefers to learn in a hands on way or with a computer program that has lots of visuals and interactive stuff. So here we are. He has done a few demos on T4L and enjoyed it. My daughter understands that school is a necessary evil, but she does not enjoy it....except for Science, her teacher gives them lots of real life examples and visual teaching, which she, like my son, enjoys. Where we live (Trinidad and Tobago), the curriculum is very intense. What kids do in the U.S. in grade 9, we do here at grade 5/6. So she is probably above the average U.S. level, which doesn't mean she is gifted, it just means kids here are pushed harder from a younger age. (Which I personally can't stand). She is ADD/ADHD and is finding it harder and harder to focus and keep up with the workload, hence my wanting to homeschool her.

    Anyway, on to my REAL issue. If you are still with me here, thank you! lol.

    We live in Trinidad but are most likely migrating to Florida later this year. I have already decided I am keeping my son at home with me. Still undecided about the daughter but she is game to homeschool as well. Both kids are keen. Husband is on board. What I am not sure about do I go about it in the U.S? My daughter wants to go to college, that means she MUST do traditional high school courses, right? Should I enroll her in an online academy that is more of what she does now....just beating the books (or in this case, the computer), to pass exams? So far all the sites I've looked at do just that, for high school anyway. I know my son can get by here for a couple more years since he is only 9. I have read every book there is to read on homeschooling, have seen a million websites and understand that homeschooling is something you sort of figure out on your own after awhile what works for your family. I get all seems I tend more towards the VERY loose, relaxed, almost (ALMOST!) unschooling son would love that...but I know that with my daughter wanting to go to college I can't get away with that. So the question is this.....can my daughter follow a more unstructured method and still pass the SAT exams to get into college? Or do we have to keep up with a high school curriculum and yearly testing with the Board of Education? I am afraid to get it all wrong in our new home to be and mess up my kids' futures. All the stuff about keeping your kids up to date with the Florida laws for homeschooling is scary and intimidating. Not sure where to start. Any and all advice would be welcome, including websites, books, anything to help me decide on how best to teach them both and satisfy legal requirements. Thanks everybody!

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    Dear Poddy,
    I saw no one has responded and thought I would jump in. I also live in Florida. All of my children are ADHD and my Son has Aspergers. Time for Learning is a great site for learning and I will be using it for my Son's second year of High School as he struggles with certain subjects. Since you can only take 4 courses he will be taking the courses he struggles with the most as we have used T4L for years and it is a great site with curriculum to keep kids engaged. We also use the FLVS High School program. Since I am not an advocate of the FCAT testing I use a private school Umbrella. I would suggest you look up, "Champion Preparatory Academy". Not only will you get the protection of the Private School Umbrella, but your daughter will receive a regular standard HS diploma as opposed to a GED. The cost is extremely minimal and they will keep all your daughters records. Should you use will not matter that this is not an accredited school. You simply turn her grades in to Champion at the end of each semester. This will be easy as this site has one of the best record keeping options of any school site I have used. Please feel free to email me if I can be of any help to you! [email protected]

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