Overwhelmed with the prospect of homeschooling...all suggestions welcome!
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    Default Overwhelmed with the prospect of homeschooling...all suggestions welcome!

    Hi. I am the mom of 3, the youngest is age 6, a boy in first grade...he is the one who wants to be homeschooled. He currently has an IEP for speech, and we get him outside speech services. He is not reading, but because he has an IEP, he is not able to receive tutoring to help him, unless we want to fork over money....homeschooling seems like a better option. Problem is my husband and I both work, granted we work from home. Will I be able to juggle my job, and homeschooling, plus still bring my 4th grader to & from school (she has no desire to be homeschooled). So many different curriculum options, but this seems more up my son's alley.

    Thanks for any, and all help/suggestions! I am so very nervous, but truly think this is what is best for my son!

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    Hi lcurley,

    It might seem overwhelming at first, and probably will be until you and your son both get the hang of a very new routine, but homeschooling is very rewarding. It sounds like it is something your son needs.

    Perhaps you can sit beside your son and work while he works. Don't try to do every subject in one sitting. Some people actually don't do every subject every day. My daughter (upper level) had a schedule I made out for her. For example:

    Monday--Math, Language, and Science
    Tuesday--Social Studies, Math, Language Extensions
    Wednesday--Art, Language, Math
    Thursday--Science, Language Extensions, Social Studies
    Friday--Art, Math, Science

    Allow your son to take frequent breaks, and allow him to school where he is comfortable. For some kids that is sitting in a bean bag chair, outside under a tree or on the trampoline, on their bed, or sitting at a desk.

    Add hands-on activities and field trips into the mix. If he is reading a special book about a certain time period, try acting out a scene, making a food from that time period, or drawing a poster of a fave character.

    Join a local homeschool support group and a local homeschool co-op. Co-ops offer classes your son can take. It is also a great way to make new homeschooling friends, go on field trips, participate in parties... Many homeschool support groups offer sports, drama, clubs, field trips, year books...

    Just take your time...there is no big hurry. You CAN do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lcurley View Post
    I am so very nervous, but truly think this is what is best for my son!
    Bottom line- you think this will be best for your son.

    Give it a shot for this second semester and assess over the summer. If it is not working, put him back in school next fall.

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